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Re: [BKARTS] moldy paper

On Jan 15, 2004, at 1:09 AM, sternandfaye wrote:

It's a lovely grey mold with a little bits of pink.

Removing mold spores from paper can be very tricky and risky depending on your experience. Having given a disclaimer -- One way (in my opinion the best and safest way) of removing some or most mold spores is to use a vacuum aspirator. You can "harvest" the crop of fungi which will clean up the surface of the paper very nicely. Ideally, the cleaning (harvesting) should be done with the proper equipment to prevent the mold spores from getting into the air that you breathe, and to prevent them from landing on other items around you. If carefully done, a standard vacuum cleaner could be used with a very small tip, HOWEVER, the exhaust should be to the outdoors, or into a fume hood. Some people have tried the "Rainbow" (water filter) vacuum cleaner, but apparently the spores can be still expelled through the exhaust.

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