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Re: [BKARTS] moldy paper

William Minter is quite correct - it can be very tricky and risky to remove
mold. The risk can depend on what kind of mold it is.  It is inconvenient,
but recommended to contact a mycologist to test the mold to see what kind it
is.  If it is a particularly virulent type of mold, you may want to
reconsider dealing with it yourself. Molds can lead to some very serious
side effects.  If you choose to deal with it yourself, please use a properly
fitting respirator - not the sort of nuisance mask that painters wear.

Mold can't be cleaned properly while it is fuzzy.  Fuzzy mold is active, but
it turns powdery (and lets go of paper much more easily) if it is dormant.
If your mold is active, freeze the effected items for 24 hours before trying
to clean them.

HEPA filtered vacuums are recommended for cleaning mold.  They supposedly
filter to .3 micrometers.  If you haven't access to a HEPA filtered vacuum,
use a normal vacuum OUTSIDE, and get rid of the bag immediately.  Vacuum
paper through a screen to prevent any tearing from the suction.

A very good article on mold is available on line at SOLINET -
www.solinet.net - called "The invasion of the giant mold spore."  It is part
of the preservation series of pamphlets.  They also have a very good
pamphlet that you can order from them - "Mold - understanding the problem
and recovering safely."

Best of luck -
Dolly Blunt
Preservation Officer
Florida Division of Library and Information Services

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