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[BKARTS] [Spam] One week to one-month binding workshops? Recommendations, please.

I've been given the gift of a one-month paid sabbatical from my full-time
job, to be taken in the next two years.  For the past two years I have been
studying binding once a week with a master binder (Daniel Gibson Knowlton),
but I'm thinking that I might like to take a short-term course of study in a
place a bit more exotic than Rhode Island ...

I'm not looking to learn any one particular style or skill, though I am
interested in binding more than conservation.

So .... are there any one to four-week workshops that you would recommend I
consider?  Foreign travel is definitely an option, though I'll probably want
to bring my husband and 2 kids with me for at least part of the time.

Thanks for any ideas --

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