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[BKARTS] quick questions

hello kristen & all,
yes, die cutting on a press is I'M SURE the most painless way to go.
if you do not have access, you can do a few things.

I'm a big believer in razor blades {single edge, rectangle with the
safety edge on top, can get in 100 packs for 7$ or less if you look at
the hardware store}. I like them for a lot of reasons over exactos, but
in this case, you can use pliers {CAREFULLY!} to snap them to the
length you need {sometimes I do this into a box just because of the
flying pieces}. Then you can use a hammer to tap the razor through the
stack. Experiment with this first {of course} so you get the feel for
the tolerance of the razor blade. You HAVE to hit it straight on. Yes,
you are limited to the length of the razor blade and I'm not
recommending this for the long direction of your rectangle. That was
just the simple part ;-)

If you do your 2 parallel short sides {on still unfolded sheets} with
the razor blade, you will already know where to slice your longer
lines. Personally, I have a hard time getting a stack cut to my
satisfaction all at once by hand, I'm sure the wiser hands on this list
can do it, but... if you're 6 books in, take a few sheets onto your
cutting mat/surface without letting them slip, and see how many you can
cut at a time & still neat enough to your satisfaction. This is where
the box of razor blades comes in; change often, or, if you're cheap
like me ;-)  & brave, keep snapping the tip inward to get new cutting
surface. <<< Please do what you need to in order to protect your eyes,
it can be as simple as doing this into a sort-of closed box. >>>

maybe someone else has a simpler solution than this for the long edge...
Val Van Sice

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