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[BKARTS] Book cleaning problem

I ran into this same problem many years ago and received the same analysis as Minter and Sanders from Paul Banks who was the Chief Conservator at the Newberry Library at the time. PVC reacts with Cellulose Nitrate (pyroxylin). As I recall the best solution I found was spraying the covers with Krylon (spray acrylic) just to reduce the stickiness.

On Jan 22, 2004, at 12:39 AM, Matthew Garelick wrote:

> these plastic covers seem to have leached out some nasty, sticky
> substance onto the books. The plastic is not mylar, but otherwise I am
> not sure how to describe it -- it is sort of prison-library chic. We
> are pretty sure the plastic covers were not originally adhesive. The
> books have a pretty typical range of coverings on the boards -- smooth
> and rough cloth, paper, etc.

Scott Kellar

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