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[BKARTS] Subject: Book-cleaning problem

Given that the books are clearly reading copies (dust jackets gone is
enough), and given the amount of time involved in physical removal
with a crepe rubber pickup or other means, or the time and danger
involved with any solvent, I would guess that what is needed is a
fast, cheap, everyday stopgap, not full treatment. So enclose the
problem. Make new plastic dust jackets of archival Mylar, and add to
the Amazon description one sentance: "Degraded  [or 'sticky'] plastic
dust jacket replaced by archival Mylar." Not good, but better than

Tom Conroy

Matthew Garelick asked about "...a couple hundred books [whose]
previous owner would immediately discard the dust jackets, and
replace them with a heavy plastic "protective" cover. Over time,
these plastic covers seem to have leached out some nasty, sticky
substance onto the books.... (Oh, and the reason he can't sell them
as-is, is because he sells the bulk of his stuff through Amazon, and
there is not sufficient space for an adequate description of this

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