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Re: [BKARTS] Type for a Kwikprint 55

I have some Kingsley type that came with my Kwikprint 55.  I've never used
any of it, basically because the Kingsley typefaces that I have are a bit weird.
 They look more like what you would want for stamping luggage tags, or match
books.  Not really what I want on my books.  However, there is no technical
reason that the Kingsley type would not work on the 55 that I can see.  And, the
fact that this Kwikprint 55 came with 4 or 5 sets of Kingsley type, I'm
pretty sure it does work.

Actually, I've stopped using movable type for the most part. Instead, I
design what I want to stamp in Photoshop and have a single piece alloy stamp/plate
made.    These usually cost no more than about $30 and makes setup a lot
easier. I also get exactly what I want to be stamped.  No small thing.


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