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[BKARTS] leveling Scharfix

I do as Peter suggested (getting the blade down on the roller) but then also test it on a piece of paper. With the blade loose with light pressure on the roller I pull the paper backward under the blade. After setting the blade raise it a tiny bit and pare the paper very lightly.  If it is not perfectly parallel, it will be apparent. If necessary start over and relevel.


At 02:37 PM 1/26/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>Does anyone with a Scharfix 2000 know how to level the blade? I can't find
>any other way, other than eye-balling it, which is not very precise. My
>leather typically comes out with grooves, as one side of the blade is always
>a fraction lower than the other.
>I remember the instructions (which I can't find) had a short sentence or two
>about leveling the blade, but when I read it way back when, it didn't make
>sense to me. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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