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[BKARTS] Paste quality

With reference to the recent thread on techniques for making
especially long lasting wheat paste... or why all wheat paste should
be equally long lasting:

I just produced my first batch to last longer than two weeks.  This
one is going on three months.  I used the commercial refined wheat
starch because I had inherited a quantity.  I prepared it in the
microwave.  This batch is nothing special.  In fact, it's a little
lumpy and a bit too thin.  The main difference is that instead of
storing it in plastic, I am storing this batch in a glass jar.  It
has congealed and I left the loose water covering it because that was
how the pastes in the museum were described... but really... the only
thing I did differently was to store it in glass, and that was not
something that was mentioned as far as contributing to the quality of
the paste.

 - Rachael Schechter

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