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Re: [BKARTS] cheap, cheaper, poor

I have learned through many failed experiments and much wasted material to
use the best materials possible, and not try to do a "cheaper" job or use
"cheaper" materials. The end of the story is, every job you do is your best or worst
advertising. Once the customer has posession of the finished item, the
advertisement cannot be recinded. Keep in mind that the customer who says "I don't
really care, just put it back together" IS GOING to be your worst advertising
if the repair fails, or the cheaper material falls apart.
    I have used Tandy material for years, until they closed their stores, and
I found that they almost always used second quality or worse. Some of the
leather I bought was only half tanned and pretty hard, while some other was so
over tanned that it tore with little effort. The pigskin "bookbinding" leather
is just the thing to do your own first rebindings in, but as soon as you
graduate to doing commercial work, ditch it and pay the extra to get good quality

re: PVC and bonded leather
Have you tried scuffing the surace to be glued with sand paper? Try some 120
grit sandpaper (or maybe finer) and see if it works. I have not tried this,
it's just a suggestion to help you get rid of the Tandy leather. Then, you can
buy some GOOD leather  :)


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