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Re: [BKARTS] cheap, cheaper, poor

> But you WANTED them done properly and understood what the process and costs
> were. I meet a lot of people who want them done but are
> surprised that it actually costs what it costs.

I think that this goes for ALL handwork/craftsman/artist work.
I started out in a framing shop...people with nice art prints would not
spring for archival framing....no matter how much you explained...the worst
was cutting a print down to please the customer's sense of
proportion...(NEVER with a true artist's print)

But think of how many times friends ask us to make something for them or fix
something and never consider paying because skill is free and surely
materials are cheap(yeah right). They only think in terms of factory
assembly and foreign workers paid a dollar an hour. Most of them wouldn't
think of spending 4 or 5 hours of their time back at their job to do a
favor....they aren't being selfish they just don't have a concept.

It is our job to educate....sometimes I allow people/customers to watch me
work while we discuss their request...they get a better idea of what things
are entailed in the work and are often willing to pay the price for
something that is truly special.


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