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Re: [BKARTS] spam? question/apology

I, too have had these messages. The "sent" messages were spam sent from my e-mail address. They were not sent to people in my address book but rather to "made - up" e-mails.  There were over 300 messages in my sent box. The heading was either  the "Mailer Daemon" or "An Important Message from AOL".

I ues Norton as a virus protection and it is updated daily. My computer scanned "clean". AOL tells me that it is a "Trojan Horse" that invaded my computer. Their advice was to delete the messages and change my password. I also cleaned out my cache and  the cookies from my hard drive.

I don't know where this came from. AOL said that it was probably from a website that I had visited. I rarely get attachments and they are usually word docs if I do.

Since Sunday when I did all this there have been no more mesages (knock on wood).

Maybe this info will help someone else since it is apparently happening to others. The disturbing thing is that Norton didn't catch it.


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