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Re: [BKARTS] cheap, cheaper, poor

On Jan 28, 2004, at 1:01 PM, Carol Pratt wrote:

About half of my clientele who order new cases (Bibles, mostly) will
opt for cloth, the other half for leather.

When this thread started, I had suggested a book cloth with an imitation leather finish available from Gane Bros. We have seen various comments about using leather of qualities that might be questionable to others. Some of you have suggested cloth (for Bibles) and I assume you mean one with an imitation leather finish. I wonder if anyone has found something better than the material offered by Gane Bros.? Many years ago, I was at a fabric store where they had a woven synthetic material with a soft, velvety, but ?rubbery? type of finish with a nice leather grain. It seemed to offer the appropriate surface finish that only leather might otherwise provide. The cost might have been (I forget now, since I only had one occasion to use it) somewhere around $25.00 per yard (42 inches wide). If anyone has experience with a similar material, maybe you could share the name with us? Thanks. By the way: for the few Bibles that I see, I try to retain all of the original cover. It is lined with cotton muslin and missing areas are in-filled with new material -- Japanese paper, embossed with a sympathetic grain, was used on a recent project.

Bill Minter
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