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[BKARTS] new ISCA ssemblage project/ 1st Annual ISCA Bookarts Jam

Dear friends- Much confusion about my attempted posting. Also, Ihave been
informed that no attachments can be submitted as postings. My apolgies. Now I
will try a cut and paste. Please let me know if that solves the problem.


Dear Book Artists:

As many of you know, the June 2003 issue of the ISCA Quarterly (the 18th
Annual Bookworks issue) was the final issue of a twenty one year old assemblage
project. So many artists and subscribers are still committed to continuing on
with the box of books that a new initiative, the ISCA Bookworks Jam will make
its debut in June 2004.

This project will differ from the previous box of books in several ways:

1. Artists will send a sample copy of the book they wish to contribute to the
Bookworks  Jam by by April 15th. A one page folded sheet will no longer be
accepted as a “book”. The title, artists’ name (printed) and signature as well
as edition number should be clearly indicated. Xerographic, computer graphic,
rubber stamped, collage, and mixed media will all be accepted, as will  fluxus
items. Meaningful content, innovative form, and craftsmanship should be the
hallmarks of the sample book you submit. The edition number will be determined
by the number of submissions plus 25 additional copies for subscribers.

2. Maximum outside dimensions are 9x11 inches. Edition due by June 1st Each
artist will be asked to prepare a page for the catalog which will accompany the
Jam,or perhaps each of you will create  a small catalogue of your other books

5. The Society will finally get a digital camera and a web design program so
that the books can be seen on line. If any of you have experience in web
design, please let me know. Any help will be appreciated. The constraints of the
file size on a free aol page may not be adequate and we may have to pay for

6. The cost to subscribers to the Book Jam will be determined by the quality
of the work you submit. I cannot solicit subscriptions until I know what we
have to offer. For now, we cannot count on any income from subscribers.

7. Books from this first Jam, and from slides  of other books you may wish to
submit, will be selected for the beginnings of a traveling exhibit. Once
more, scheduling venues for such an exhibition will not begin after the first Jam
is  launched.

6. The cost of a web site, camera, etc. as well as postage and packaging for
the Book Jam Boxes each of you will receive , will  be covered by an Annual
ISCA Contributing Artists Membership fee of $35.

Well, there in broad strokes is the plan. Please send your sample book to
ISCA, 759 President St. #2H, B’klyn, NY 11215 by April 15th. and pass this
information on to your bookmaking friends and/or post it on an appropriate bulletin
board. Finally, please fill out the information below if you are planning to
participate in this project and return it to me it to me along with any
questions you may have.

Here’s to the future.

Best wishes,

Louise Neaderland
Director ISCA

___  I plan to contribute a book edition to the ISCA Book Arts Jam


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