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Re: [BKARTS] Help--kind of off subject

   If you only want it for a couple of days, you might try the local
banks, or office buildings with large lobbies. Offices, stores or even
houses that are for sale or rent.  It can be great publicity. ;) If you
talk to the rental agencies, they might be willing to publicize it to
potential buyer/renters & give tours of the building at the same time.
       My mother is a watercolor/oil artist and has had free working space in
a currently-being-renovated office building for 3 years, because it
looks better than blank space when it's shown. She just moves to a new
space when "hers" is rented.
   This year, she's had shows in an exclusive supper club (open to
public for the show, but not dinner) and in an orchid greenhouse, during
their summer open house/seminar (paintings of their orchids, of course!)
   Is there an historic building which has tours? perhaps they would
let you use one of the rooms.
       - TV station lobby
       - Theatre Lobby
       - School auditorium lobby

Some of the "unusual" spaces I can remember right now,

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