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[BKARTS] Letter Arts Review CFE Update

Entries for the 2004 Letter Arts Review Annual & Exhibit

Deadline for Entries: February 16, 2004

Two lettering artists have asked essentially the same question. Perhaps
others are wondering the same thing.

Q: The rules say "slides or photographs"... I just want to make sure, is
a digital photograph, high resolution, printed on high
quality/photographic paper, acceptable?

Q: Can we send a digital image to you for entry? Or do we need to send
slides specifically?


This year the judges will be looking at entries submitted in either of
two forms:

1. Slides of work.

2. Print photographs of work. "Color Prints."

If you took a digital photo of a calligraphic work and printed it out as
a high res photo quality print, that would be acceptable. Remember that
the jurors only have your entry (photo or slide) to go by in making
their decision. A small photo print (3x5, 4x6) will not provide the
jurors with much to evaluate your piece. Detail shots can be included as
part of a single entry.

The full call for entries can be found at  www.letterarts.com. Click on
the Letter Arts Review logo, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
There is an PDF of the call for entries with entry form. There is also a
MS word document of just the entry form. An entry form can also be
mailed or faxed upon request.  Deadline for entries Feb 16, 2004.

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