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[BKARTS] Further binding inventory for sale

I am continuing to inventory the items I have for sale:

1 Hold-heet Electric automatic glue pot
1 Sharf-fix leather parer with 200 new blades
1 Vertical plough plane (wooden) will cut up to 1 3/4" high and 17" length
Approx. 40 yards of fine Japanese linen book cloth, paper-lined, 28" width (was purchased for $53/yd)
Brass fillet gauges, 21-piece set, looks like 3-pt
4 pairs of metal-edged backing boards (14" by 1" by 3 3/4")
1 pair same but 10", not 14
1 pair of brass-edged backing boards (17 3/4" x 1' x 3 3/4")
1 pair same but 14 3/4", not 17 3/4
1 pair same but 11 3/4"
1 Stainless steel gold tool heater made to order in Ascona, heated by lamp fuel
1 Small nipping press (9x12" platen)

All items are like-new. I have been surprised by the interest in the original equipment items I have listed here and elsewhere, and thank-you for your responses. All items would ship from Edmonton, Alberta. If you are interested, please contact Lee Waterman at lwaterman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or (780) 443-5775, and include an offer price and currency (US or CDN) if e-mailing. 

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