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[BKARTS] More items for sale - Binding, tooling, and marbling

For sale - 

Micrometer (listed on Talas for US$188) - make an offer
Shars Electronic Digital Caliper - make an offer
2 - 12" Spring dividers - $30 each
3" 1-point fillet wheel (listed on Talas for US$116.25) - make an offer
3" 4-point fillet wheel (listed on Talas for US$116.25) - make an offer
2 12x6" gold cushions - $25 each
1 Large Bronze (English) polishing iron (listed on Talas for US$103.50) - make an offer
Several hundred Chicago Posts (Aluminum) of various sizes
44 Heavy weight soild brass tape keys - 1 7/8' by 7/8"
40 Heavy weight soild brass cord keys - 1 9/16" by 11/16"
1 Large Bent Round Agate Burnisher (listed on Talas at US$41.95) - make an offer

For marbling
9 Suzuri Japanese Inkstones (12 ozs)
16 2-oz Boku-Undo Sumi Inksticks (Black)
7 Saiboku (Boku-Undo) Sumi Inksticks (Wine Red)
6 of same (Indigo Blue)
4 of same (Chrome yellow)

Please contact Lee Waterman at lwaterman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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