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Re: [BKARTS] Xerox Tranfer

I have reviewed your article on "Xerox Transfer", but
i wish to ask a further question?

I have seen a procedure done with a double sided photo
from a magazine where the photo to be transferred is
place in a particular chemical and then removed after
3-5mins. Side A of the photo is then place down on a
average white letter size printing paper and then
removed. Another, piece of paper(the paper receiving
the transfer)the size of the photo is placed on the
same spot where the photo was placed and then the
original photo is then placed side A down on the
receiving paper.The two was then covered with another
letter size paper and presses firmly on an hard
surface with an electric iron for 3-5 mins.

The finish product shows two photos with images on
both side and the images was not reversed.

Have you came across this imaging or photo transfer
technique and if so how is it done?

Michael williams

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