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Re: [BKARTS] cheap, cheaper, poor

Bill Minter wrote:

I wonder if anyone has found something better than the material offered by Gane Bros.? Many years ago, I was at a fabric store where they had a woven synthetic material with a soft, velvety, but ?rubbery? type of finish with a nice leather grain. It seemed to offer the appropriate surface finish that only leather might otherwise provide. The cost might have been (I forget now, since I only had one occasion to use it) somewhere around $25.00 per yard (42 inches wide). If anyone has experience with a similar material, maybe you could share the name with us?

You could try a product called Nubuk from Winter Products. It's not a woven material, but aside from Nubuk they have other products that imitate leather and suede, all non-woven. But they are all compelling. I'd use it more often if I could keep stock. Customers often choose it over Gane Bros. imitation.

Their U.S. distributor, Winter America, is located in Rhode Island.
Contact info is:

Winter America 1080 Kingston Road PO Box 3712 Peace Dale, RI 02883


If they will send you a cutting or a sample card for free it's worth
checking out, in my opinion.

- Duncan
"Oh boy, sleep!
That's where I'm a Viking!"

       - Ralph


Campbell-Logan Bindery, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

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