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[BKARTS] Alternate show venues

Okay-- here is the list of alternate spaces to show work:

News station lobby
Rent a tent
Rent a U-haul truck
Someone's home
Office Building with a large lobby
Stores, homes, offices that are for sale or rent (kind of a 2 for 1 deal art
and an open house)
Theater lobby
School auditorium lobby
Mason//Elk/ VFW halls
Bar / Cafe
Fire or Police Department
Public Transit facility
Water treatment facility
Halls or spaces that also rent out for weddings
Community centers
Check with the arts council
Industrial space

The Practical Handbook for the Emerging Artist, by Margaret Lazzari

I think that covers most of them except for those that were specific to this
This has to be the most creative groups of people I know!
Some really fantastic ideas that i am checking out...I have an eye on a
couple of places that are for sale near the gallery that has First Friday
openings. The mason's hall and the tv station next to said gallery.

Thanks to everyone that made suggestions! I tried to email everyone but I
know I missed some.

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