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Re: [BKARTS] Type of glue to use - ??

On Sat, 7 Feb 2004, Isabelle wrote:

> Hi,
> I subscribed to the list few days ago (I love it). I have a question and
> hope someone can help me. I wonder what type of glue I should use to glue a
> sheet of paper (decorative in this case) onto another sheet without creating
> any air bubble. I tried the white glue (Elmer's) and the rice starch glue
> but without success. Also, what would be the best glue to use to glue a
> sheet of papet onto a cardboard ? Should I put the glue on the board or the
> paper ? Any idea ? Thanks !

I'd probably use PVA for the paper-to-board; depending on whether or not
it needs to be reversible and how strong it needs to be, for the
paper-to-paper I might use methyl cellulose, PVA, or wheat starch paste.

Avoiding air bubbles is primarily a matter of technique rather than choice
of adhesive.  You need to apply a thin, even layer of adhesive to one
surface, working fairly quickly to avoid the paper stretching too much or
the glue drying out as you work.  You can use a paste brush or a foam
trim paint roller to apply the adhesive.  If I'm gluing something to
board, I usually apply the adhesive to the board.  Then you put the
surfaces together and use your hand or a folder (teflon is preferable to
bone because it won't burnish your paper) to smooth the paper down and
get rid of any bubbles or dimples.  If glue squeezes out around the
edges, wipe it off carefully.  Then you let it dry under pressure -- you
can put in a book press if you have one, or put a board on top and then a
couple of bricks.  It's a good idea to put waxed paper or reemay between
a freshly-glued thing and anything else it's in contact with.


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