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Re: [BKARTS] epson cartridges

I tried screaming but that didn't work.  So, I tell it to print a
document, then instead of saying okay when the print window comes up,
I click on the tools icon, which brings up the option of replacing or
cleaning the cartridge.  I tell it to replace, and then I don't
remove the cartridge but I let the printer go through the motions of
replacement.  I have a Mac too so I hope it works for you.
Letitia Berlin

Good point. But how do you "tell" your computer? My Mac won't listen.

Rhonda Gushee Milford, Ohio U.S.A.

I discovered that if I tell my computer to replace the Epson ink
cartridge, but I don't actually remove the old cartridge, that I can
continue to get a lot of use out of the old cartridge.

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