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[BKARTS] The Argonauts in the UK

Dear readers

From the 8 May - 27 May 2004, four German book artists will show their
latest book The Argonauts alongside their original works at Dean Clough
Galleries in Halifax, West Yorkshire.  Dean Clough is home to one of
two UK shops specialising in artists' books.  (The other is the
bookartbookshop in London)

The artists are two writers Juergen K Hultenreich and Hasan Oezdemir
and two painters Hans-Hendrik Grimmling and Harald-Alexander Klimek.
The publishers are Corvinus Presse in Berlin and Klimek.  Corvinus will
also hand print with lead type.  Screen process prints will be by Jacob
Samuel and binding as well as slipcase by Hinrich Peters, both in
Berlin.  There will be two limited editions of the book, signed by all
participating artists.  Die Argonauten will be in German and limited to
99 copies, whilst The Argonauts in English will be limited to 50
copies.  The NAATI-accredited translator is Dr Stan Jones of the
University of Waikato in New Zealand.  Publication will be May 2004.

In this book the writer Hultenreich communicates with the painter
Grimmling and lyrist Oezdemir  with Klimek.  The result is a witty,
poetic exchange on migration.  The text and pictures show argonauts who
have arrived in the presentday. The Golden Fleece they gained has been
frittered away. They are all following bourgeois professions-with the
exception of one, who became a contract-killer. What remains is the
commitment to direct experience.
The second set of protagonists, by contrast, move through oriental
dream-sequences, which, at the same time, seem real. None of them knows
if he is being dreamed or is not already active in our world,
regardless, so that he can survive through a succession of adventures.

Previously, Hultenreich and Klimek have collaborated on the very
successful artists' book Ich heb ein Bein und bin auf einmal Hund  (I
lift a leg and [I] am suddenly a dog) published by Edition Dschamp
(synonymous with Edition Galerie auf Zeit) in Berlin.  Its publisher
Thomas Guenther has  recently with Klimek also co-authored Iggy und der
grosse Ben (a take on Iggy Pop and Ben Becker) and published this with
Edition Savod Progress in Berlin.

Bi-lingual readings by the writers and translator as well as talks on
book arts by Klimek are planned this spring and summer in the UK.
After the summer, the show will then move on to Berlin.

(Please note that artists' names are normally spelled with umlauts, but
were omitted as format is lost in emails)

It would be wonderful to welcome those philobiblon and BOOK_ARTS
readers at the show who may be in the UK in May or June.

Many Regards

Astrid Wendelstigh

BA (Hons) Arts and Event Production
The Arts Institute at Bournemouth
United Kingdom

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