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Re: [BKARTS] tips to avoid getting glue on paper

Hi all, the big problem with curling papers is that you are not allowing it
to relax. When applying paste to any paper or cloth it will curl with the
grain. Once the paste has been absorbed into the paper or cloth it relaxes -
or lies flat. For some papers the curling can be severe in which case a
little dab of paste on the top side in the corners (to paste it down while
working with it) can help alleviate the curl until it has relaxed. Once
relaxed the paper or cloth should respond well and be easier to apply.
As for the glue on the top surface - when paper is relaaxed it is easier to
handle so this will help. If you are working with paste (as opposed to PVA)
it is easy to wipe it off the surface while wet.
Hope this helps,
Brian Maloney

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