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[BKARTS] Book and Conceptual Artist at Jody Monroe Gallery

Marshall Weber and Doug Schall
February 20 through April 23
Opening reception February 20, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Jody Monroe Gallery
631 East Center St.
2nd floor, left
Milwaukee 53212
Contact: Mali &/or Kiki Anderson

New York-based interdisciplinary artist Marshall Weber
will show altered and found photographs; sculptures of
fabric, nettle branches and bees' wax; paintings; and
an Iris print. Within this wide variety of media Weber
reconsiders religious iconography, critiques the
sexualized representation of the female figure in the
media, and analyzes the current political and social

Included in the exhibition will be images #1 through
#6 of The Passion Series, in which Weber has altered
magazine photographs with ink paint; the resulting
portraits of writhing models with crowns of thorns are
simple in form but rich in association. Correlations
between pain, glossy eroticism, ecstasy, and Western
ideals of feminine beauty are readily apparent. The
joining of conflicting imagery also occurs in his
sculpture American Burqua, where Weber has melded two
potent symbols into a very edgy body covering. His
work explores issues of representation, social
justice, theology and ethics.

Best known for his innovative artists’ books and
public performance/installation works, Weber is a
co-founder and a curator of the Booklyn Artists
Alliance. He is an expert on contemporary artists’
books and consults with arts and educational
institutions and collectors regarding artists’ book
collection, exhibition and curriculum development.

Doug Schall will exhibit large-scale paintings that
experiment with the tradition of figurative
representation and reveal his respect for 1970's
photo-realism. His painting references his extensive
travels and his experiences working with painters and
printers in India, as well as teaching drawing in
Ethiopia. He melds pop cultures with an amalgam of
airbrush and traditional brushwork. Tight compositions
enable him to present a champagne popper on a ground
of Tyvek, a g-string-clad woman floating above a
kitchen, and a collage of faces swirling in a
cityscape as natural visual occurrences.

** Concurrent with this show: Enigmatic Codex:
Marshall Weber/Books at 3rd Space Book Arts Gallery,
The Hide House, 2625 S. Greeley, 414-550-2812. Opening
reception Friday, February 20, 6 PM - 10 PM.

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