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Re: [BKARTS] tips to avoid getting glue on paper

Yes, of course, but If you catch many of these before the adhesive sets
they can be dealt with. Much of it also comes down to work habits and
skill. The PVA mixture is very good in this respect as is paste. My point
is that it is often it is easier to start over, and cleaner too. Reversible
adhesives, even paste don't always come up cleanly. The moisture (i.e.
water ) required to soften the adhesive can cause problems, cloth can
stain, paper/board can split/tear on lifting. The principle may be right,
reality may be different.

That is my point.


Reversibility is also important outside of restoration/conservation. Have you
never positioned a book incorrectly when casing-in?  Have you never gotten a
wrinkle in the paste-down? How about a turned under corner on you lining. All
of these prove a need for reversibility in paste-down adhesive. The more
inexperienced one is, the more they are in need of the dynamic of


Ed Stansell


Peter D. Verheyen
Bookbinder & Conservator
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