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[BKARTS] tips to avoid getting glue on paper

Nature always wins. When paper gets wet with water (found in paste, glue
etc) it will curl. I have found that the best way to deal with curling paper
is to let it curl, since it will anyway. The problem occurs when the paper
curls so much that it rolls on itself or otherwise makes itself so obnoxious
that you can't handle it.

I recently made an edition of books which had endpapers that were
particularly curly when glued up. To be able to handle the papers, I
spritzed each sheet slightly with water in groups of about 10 and laid them
flat in a garbage bag to keep them from drying out. At first they curled up
but after a few minutes they were flat and relaxed enough to glue up as
normal and be applied to the books. This technique added a little to the
pull of the endpaper on the boards, but if you know beforehand that this
will happen, you can plan board linings etc. to accommodate the pull.

Good luck,
Don Glaister

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