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[BKARTS] reversibility vs. repair

I have to agree with Peter.  I find it preferable to repair mistakes
after the fact rather than on-the-fly.

Upon reflection, it does seem to be a matter of personal style and taste.

- Duncan


My point is that it is often it is easier to start over, and cleaner
too. Reversible
adhesives, even paste don't always come up cleanly. The moisture (i.e.
water ) required to soften the adhesive can cause problems, cloth can
stain, paper/board can split/tear on lifting. The principle may be right,
reality may be different.

That is my point.


Reversibility is also important outside of restoration/conservation. Have you
never positioned a book incorrectly when casing-in?  Have you never gotten a
wrinkle in the paste-down? How about a turned under corner on you lining. All
of these prove a need for reversibility in paste-down adhesive. The more
inexperienced one is, the more they are in need of the dynamic of


>Ed Stansell

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