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Re: [BKARTS] viruses

> Kristen Kakos wrote

> i know that my email addy was appropriated by the most recent virus and
> used for evil. the problem is, there's nothing you can do about it.  for
> about two days, i was receiving emails from people i didn't know claiming
> that i'd sent them viruses.  it just takes a few days for the bloom to die
> down.

> Stephanie Ring wrote:
>> I have notified several members about numerous copies of
>> their emails.  This is a very interesting group, but so many
>> emails to delete makes it tiresome.  I will have to leave if
>> this is not corrected.

I haven't had any problem with multiple posts that I know of...don't know if
it's due to luck, my anti-virus or my ISP being alert. However, no one but
the person inventing the virus is at fault. It is part of internet reality.

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