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[BKARTS] National Library/National Archives of Canada?

Hi folks!

Well, it's been several years since I was last on this list, and my
apologies for this slightly off-topic post, but I'm trying to find someone
that is -- or used to be -- on this list who I'd had some on- and off-list
discussion with, who works at the National Library of Canada (or perhaps
the National Archives of Canada) here in Ottawa.

It's been so long now, though, that unfortunately I can't remember the name
of that person (sorry!). But no doubt the above subject heading should
catch that person's eye, and perhaps they might remember chatting with me a
few years ago???

If so, could you contact me (off-list), please -- whomever you are? :)

I'm very busy these days, so I don't know if I'll stay on the list too long
(you're all so chatty!<g>), but nice to "see" you all once again, however

Ron :)

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