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Re: [BKARTS] tips to avoid getting glue on paper


 You are right about what causes the bubbles. You probably have noticed that
soft, high bulk papers do not bubble like the harder finish papers. When paper
gets wet the fibers take on water and swell. This swelling causes them to
expand against other fibers. In hard finish papers, there is little if any room
for the movement of the fibers. They push each other out of place and thereby
distort the sheet, and produce bubbles, tubes, cocking, etc.

Soft and high bulk papers do not behave this way because there is room
between the fibers to allow for swelling without distortion of the sheet.

Paper and boards, (even wooden boards) curl and warp when one side becomes
wet. The paper fibers or wood cells swell on the wet side due to their taliking
on water, while the dry side stays as it was. Hence the curling effect.


Ed Stansell

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