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Re: [BKARTS] tips to avoid getting glue on paper


I agree that StikFlat glue's utility is rather limited :
not very strong, and not very flexible.

But it has its uses. I use it to avoid curl when laying
down endpapers (esp. "underweight") on book boards
for case bound books. I put PVA inside the turn-ins
on the board, and StikFlat along the edges of the facing
pastedown. Board curl due to the PVA curl is minimal,
and paper curl due to the StikFlat, likewise.

I also use it to attach paper labels with precision. After
coating the back of the label, I stick it on a microspatula
and can position carefully without getting any of the
adhesive on my hands.


I have the same problem you note re: adhesives that use
organic solvents.

Alan Shalette

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| Alan,
| Thanks for the answer on the pH on "YES". It's still an exceedingly
| adhesive.
| The are 100% anhydrous adhesives that may be applied with a brush.
But, they
| are reversible only in solvents and they are so volatile that they
must be
| used under a fume hood or outdoors. Even then, one gets a little giddy
| them.
| Regards,
| Ed Stansell

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