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Re: [BKARTS] tips to avoid getting glue on paper

Alan Shalette wrote:
>>While the StikFlat adhesive has useful properties
where minimal grain growth is desired, what the world
really needs is a truly anhydrous adhesive workable
with a brush -- rather than spay on, or iron on.

Although it's not truly anhydrous, I'm interested that no one has
mentioned ROLATAQ, which I've used for several years to laminate papers
together, apply cover papers and endpapers to board, etc.  I think it
was developed as a replacement for waxing machines - they may have
something for cloth by now, I haven't checked, but a few years ago they
said they were developing something.

It looks like PVA, is about the same price per bottle as the crafty
versions of PVA like Tacky Glue (although I don't think it's available
by the gallon, which would certainly make PVA cheaper), and for about
$20 you can buy a little hand-roller that puts down a very thin
membrane. I have been putting it on with a stiff paste brush, even
though that puts down more than you really need,and even then there's
minimal curling because you need so little. It's repositionable
(wonderful!) by peeling (carefully, or the paper can stretch) for about
10 minutes and then creates a very strong bond after it dries under
pressure. I do wish the handroller worked better (it gets gummed up
fairly easily and that's why I've been applying it with a brush.) But
the membrane can be very thin if you use it sparingly, even with a
brush, and curls much less than most things I've tried. The trick, of
course, is spreading it evenly enough to avoid empty spots (the roller
IS better for that). It's acid free, and last time I looked Light
Impressions carried it.   Probably not reversible...

And no, I don't own stock in the company.

By the way, my favorite cheap alternative to a press (my little binding
press broke recently, so I may go back to this) is a 25 pound bag of
"chill shot," lead shot sold at Gander Mountain and other hunting stores
for people who load their own shotgun shells. It was about $13 the last
time I bought one, and a little smaller than a brick. Comes in a nice
neat STRONG cloth bag, won't shed little crumbs of masonry on your work,
won't break (DON'T OPEN IT! unless you want lead shot all over
everything. If you need two, get two.) It's conformable, and damned
heavy for something that small. Other than a solid gold (or uranium :-)
brick, it's the heaviest really cheap vernacular solution to putting
things under pressure that I can imagine. Beats dictionaries and phone
books for sure.

Regards, y'all,

Judy Kerman

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