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Re: [BKARTS] Rollataq & weights

Like Judy, I like Rollataq also and use it for most of my bookbinding,
collage and other general adhesive needs.  I use a stiff brush most of
the time but for a really thin coating try squirting down some of it
and then spread it around with an old credit card.  I find this works
very well.  I never did buy the roller applicator because I heard, like
you, that it just clogs up too easily and who needs that frustration?

I gave my full jar of YES glue away to a young woman teaching arts &
crafts to street kids in a city park.  I would never use it again
because of the reports of yellowing and brown staining on artwork.
Even if it has been reformulated and they say it doesn't do that
anymore they have lost their chance with me at least.  Forewarned is

As far as weights go I just use bricks that I have covered with fabric
(I am not a pro here - I just like doing projects for myself so I don't
have to be concerned with scale production).  I also have beanbags of
lead shot that I use for lots of things.  I made them when I had a
sewing business to hold down my patterns for layout & tracing.
Leatherworkers use weights because you can't use common pins to hold
patterns in place and I got in the habit when I was a leathergoods
designer many years before that.   I was glad I kept them when I sold
my own sewing business, they are so useful in an art studio for holding
paper down that had been rolled up for example.

Santa Fe, NM

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