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[BKARTS] How do you deboss a cloth covered book?

Greetings, sages,

I want to deboss a logo into a portfolio or photo album cover, but...
this one would have a cloth surface. I've seen this done in leather and
vinyl but am unsure how to accomplish it in cloth. The book board would
seem too dense to take a sharp, deep impression, or even a noticeable one.

It strikes me that some kind of padding between the board and the cloth
might work, but it would have to hold the impression permanently. I am
unsure what that padding material might be, unless you would use leather
or vinyl. I've heard rumor of a foam covered book board for just this
purpose. But I haven't been able to find it. Any guidance would be most

Scott Witte
www.scottwitte.com <http://www.scottwitte.com>

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