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Re: [BKARTS] Philadelphia

I visited the Rosenbach when I was in Philly in December. The visit was
quite disappointing. Perhaps it was just the guide (who went on at
great length about every painting and piece of furniture but didn't
know a thing about the books that were there -- I ended up having to
explain a few things to the other people on my tour) or the Library
policy of keeping all of the books locked safely away in their glass
cases (surely they could have put at least a *few* treasures out on
display). I left the museum thinking that this had been a waste of
time. Or perhaps I was just thinking of how this could have been a
great tour if only...


On Tuesday, February 10, 2004, at 05:24 PM, Pat Bye wrote:


A don't miss place if you really love books is the Rosenbach Museum &

2008 Delancey Place
Phone: (215) 732-1600

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