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I have decided to take students again. I miss the experience. At this time I
can only handle two hour sessions on a daily basses. Therefore it would only
be practical for students in the Delaware, SE Pennsylvania, S. New Jersey, E.
Maryland area.

Bio:  I began learning bookbinding from my dad at age 11. He was a maker of
county and state record books. I began my formal profession at the age of 17,
in 1959. I have been practicing my craft for 45 years. I began the restoration
of books in 1977 at the behest of the Longwood Gardens, Inc. library.
Previously, they had sent their work to a well known conservator in the North east.
Longwood was so pleased with the look and quality of my work, that ever since,
I have done all the restoration of their rare book collection. I have
customers from all over the U.S. an other nations. I did edition and personal work
for actor/comedian Robin Williams for 11 years. Some of my early work is in the
Alhambra in Spain.

To those who wish to get a better idea of my work, I recommend they view my
website at http://www.bookrestoration.net


Edward Stansell
Craft Bookbinding Co.
2525 Ebright Road
Wilmington, DE 19810


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