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Re: [BKARTS] How do you deboss a cloth covered book?


Thanks. It seems I just need to find the right people and machine to do
the debossing. It is curious that the one outfit I talked to, which does
hundreds of such projects per year, told me that they would use the
padded board to allow the debossing, unless I misunderstood. Hmmm. I
vaguely recall mention of a kind of "chip board" for the padding on top
of the book board. But then she also said foam. So I'm not sure what she

Can debossing into a thicker, fabric covered board compare to debossing
into leather or vinyl? I am thinking in terms of depth and sharpness of
blind debossing.


A toggle press type of goldstamping machine such as Kensol has no trouble
what ever debossing in the densest of board. They develope over three tons of
pressure at their longest pull.

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