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[BKARTS] Artists' Book Display

This message is directed specifically at librarians,
curators, gallery directors and exhibition
coordinators, but anyone is free to reply if so

I am a graduate student in Printmaking and in the
Center for the Book at the University of Iowa and I am
researching traditional, contemporary and innovative
display for Artists' Books for my MA thesis.  I am
interested in how this topic is addressed at various
institutions and would appreciate your reply to these
6 questions.

If you have already received and responded to this
message individually, I apologize and please ignore
the repetition.

1. Is your Artists' Books collection housed/ displayed
in a museum setting, a library setting or another
setting?  If other, what type of space is used?

2. When Artists' Books are displayed are they
  a) in closed cases
  b) on an accessible surface for viewer interaction
     (ex: table, podium, shelf) with gloves for
viewer's use
  c) on an accessible surface without gloves
  d) on an accessible surface but not intended to be
  e) other.  If so, what type of display is used?

3. Have you used any alternate display methods/ aids
in your exhibit of Artists' Books?  If so, what have
you used.  For example:
  - special times when the works is handled by the
    artist, a docent or viewers
  - supplementary images (print or digital) of page
    spreads not visible in the display
  - wall mounting
  - book like structures

4. In a library setting, do visitors browse the
collection through a catalogue or in the stacks?

5. Would you like to increase viewer access to your
Artists' Book collection?

6. If the resources were available, how would you like
to increase access?
  a) gallery security guards to watch work outside of
  b) artists' lectures and interaction with the work
  c) (more) works in a "hands on collection" for the
     viewer to touch
  d) interactive digital display (scanned images/CD
Rom/ website) of Artists' Books available on and off
  e) publicity for the collection/ facilities
  f) other.  If so, how would you like to increase
     access to your collection?

Thank you for your time and input into these
questions.  Please reply to me individually, off the
Sincerely, Anne Slattery

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