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Re: [BKARTS] How do you deboss a cloth covered book?


Thanks for all the good info. This and the wisdom of others is what I
needed. To recap, stamping into heavier, cloth covered binder board or
vegetable tanned leather should give the best results, assuming a proper
die and press.

As for the project, it is a series of portfolios for myself, post bound so pages can be changed easily. Each portfolio will consist of two books, one examples of my work and the other showcasing capabilities. If anyone is interested you can see the pages on my web site at www.scottwitte.com.

The designer wants a classy yet hip look to the books. We are still
discussing materials but she is leaning toward fabrics with metallic
threads. Perhaps the works book will be more silver or silver/gold and
the capabilities more bluish silver. My feeling is that the capabilities
book should have a more technical look. Perhaps the bluish metal will
accomplish that.

She is thinking the two books should have a similar but different
quality rather than using, say, leather or wood for the work and
stainless steel or circuit board material for the capabilities.

Aren't you glad you asked? ;-}

I will doubtless have other issues I need help on but will put those in
appropriately titled threads.

BTW, this is one of the best, bookbinding resources on the web. The
archives are a wealth of information and the people on the forums are great.

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