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[BKARTS] Punching 7/32 in holes

Dear sages,

How do you (easily) punch 7/32 inch holes into pages for a post bound book?

I'm creating a post bound portfolio using Chicago post screws. These are
6/32 inches in diameter. A standard hole punch produces a 9/32 inch hole
and that seems way too loose to hold the pages square, especially since
I am using long pages, side bound. Where can I get a 2 hole punch that
can create this smaller size hole?

You can get 8/32 inch diameter screw posts at the hardware store (which
fit the 9/32 inch holes better) but the heads are nearly 1/8 inch thick,
which causes other problems, so that isn't a good solution.

I know you can "drill" the paper, but I will often be producing one or
two new pages at a time and the drilling process or even the single hole
punches don't seem like they would work so well for that.

Binders must deal with this stuff all the time. What is the solution???


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