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Re: [BKARTS] epson cartridges

Yes, it works like a charm.
Rhonda Gushee
Milford, OH

I've done something similar, and it worked fine on white cotton rag.

I had the transfers created at a print shop, so it was probably a color
laser printer and not an inkjet transfer.  Also, I used a dry mount
press, which is much hotter than an iron, to transfer it on the paper.

One problem I did run into -- when you peel it up, you have to do it
with one smooth stroke.  Where I had stopped part way, it left a
distinct line on the image.  Good luck.

Shu-Ju ---------- http://www.fingerstothebone.com updated 2/11/2004 paintings, drawings, prints, artist's books

On Feb 13, 2004, at 1:45 AM, Rhonda Gushee wrote:

Has anyone ever ironed T-shirt transfers (Avery in USA) onto cotton
rag paper? I'm just this minute (1:45 a.m. Cinci time) printing up my
catalog for my gallery opening tomorrow.

I'm going to try it for the catalog cover, but was hoping for some
helpful hints. No time for the archives!

Rhonda Gushee
Milford, OH



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