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[BKARTS] Gold tooling items/gold leaf for sale


I have some tools/etc. for gold tooling work. If I can sell them as a package I can offer an excellent price. The items are:

1 point single-line fillet wheel (listed on Talas at $116.25 US)
4 point single line fillet wheel (listed on Talas for $116.25 US)
Brass decorative wheel (DW 252/P) (listed on Talas for $191.25 US)
22 sheets  of 3 3/8" square 23 Karat extra-heavy deep gold leaf (~$70 worth)
29 sheets of 5 1/2" square same (~$130 worth)
Gold knife
21-piece 3-point Brass fillet gauges (English) (listed on Talas for $420 US)
Gold tool heater (made in Ascona) (similar model listed on Talas for $375 US)
2 12x6" gold cushions (listed on Talas at $34.95 US)

The total value at Talas would be $1488.65 US. I am willing to sell all for close to $800 US. Please contact me at lwaterman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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