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Re: [BKARTS] Punching 7/32 in holes


Paper drills, especially at a printer, work well for a stack of paper,
when the book is first being built. But as pages are replaced one at a
time it becomes a real pain to run by the local printer and have them
punch the holes in one page.

Making a die and and using a hand punch as Charles suggests is a little
more convenient once built.

The perfect solution would be one of those adjustable 2 to 3 hole
punches for ring binders but with 7/32 punch heads instead of 9/32 or
11/32. That would be fast, simple and consistent. Although many punch
heads are replaceable they don't make any smaller than 9/32 (or possibly
1/4 inch).

Another option may be wrapping tape around the Chicago screw posts to
increase diameter and being done with it.

Considering that Chicago screw posts are a standard 6/32 diameter, have
been around forever, and are designed for books that beg for easily
replaceable custom punched pages, I am really surprised there isn't a
simple, quick, standard solution to this. Or am I making too much out of
hole size?


Edward Stansell wrote:

Take your paper to a trade bindery or a printer that does printer's
finishing. They can easily accomplish what you want in a matter of minutes.

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