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[BKARTS] SFPL Temporary short term Book Repair position

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a temporary short term position through Jan. 3,


7416 Book Repairer/San Francisco Public Library


Filing Deadline: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 (c.o.b. 5:00 PM)
Appointment Type:  Provisional


Salary Range: $1,440 - $1,744 Biweekly, $37,440 - $45,344 Annually
Schedule:  Full-time


Location:  Technical Services Division - Preservation Unit
Date Issued:   2/10/04 

(Currently located in the Main Library.  Technical Services will move to
190-9th Street in 2004.)


APPOINTMENT TYPE AND SCHEDULE:  Provisional Full-time Position with
Short-term Duration.  Position ends 1/3/05. 


POSITION DESCRIPTION: Under supervision of the Preservation Unit
manager, the Book Repairer performs conservation treatments on books and
other circulating and reference materials according to SFPL standards of
appropriate treatment, quality of repair and productivity.   The
essential functions of the position include:  performing book binding
hinge repairs (tightening hinges, regluing cover to text, hollow tubes,
new end sheet and/or super, rebacking, recasing, recording textblocks,
repair of broken sewing, sewing or wire stapling pamphlets into pamphlet
binders, drill and sewing for temporary use materials, side stapling
temporary use paperbacks); performing book repair-textblock treatment
(tipping in pages, hinging in pages, plates, or foldouts, hinging or
tipping in pockets, photocopying replacement leaves, inserting reference
plates); performing paper repair (using paste and/or paste and Japanese
tissue, flattening paper, guarding folds, attaching hinges, refolding
maps and charts); replacing mylar jackets soiled or torn; steaming or
cleaning off spines of library materials; maintaining monthly production
statistics and submitting them in a timely manner; answering phone
inquiries; assisting in response to damage of library materials;
monitoring use of supplies and notifying manager when low; maintaining
tools, equipment and workspace in clean and workable condition;
performing other job-related duties as assigned.



1.  Two (2) years (4,000 hours) of verifiable experience in hand
binding, book repair and conservation of books and 

     similar printed materials*; AND

2.  Ability to lift and move 30 pounds.



1.  College level course work in book binding or book restoration may be
substituted for the required experience on a 

     year for year basis (30 semester units/45 quarter units equal one
year of experience) AND/OR

2.  One (1) year of formal training through an apprenticeship or
internship in bookbinding or conservation also may be 

     substituted for one year of the required experience.


WORK SCHEDULE:  The normal work schedule for this position is Monday
through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (May include evenings and
weekends when necessary.)



*      Excellent hand to eye coordination skills and the ability to
perform exacting hand work with care, precision and attention to detail

*      Ability to work independently with minimum supervision and to
meet quality standards and productivity goals

*      Knowledge of book structure, new and old; including methods of
leaf attachment

*      Extensive working knowledge of techniques, tools, materials and
practices in the field of Preservation Book Repair and a sensitivity to
the needs and care of items

*      Ability to evaluate each item and to decide on the appropriate
technique to use in repairing the item

*      Good communication (oral and written), interpersonal and
organizational skills



*      Desirable skills are intended to describe characteristics
specific to each particular position and are not intended to discourage
persons from applying.

*      Applications will be screened for qualifying experience.  Meeting
the minimum qualifications does not guarantee an interview.



Each applicant must submit a completed Lifting Self-Certification form
along with their completed application and verification of
experience/education.  Failure to do so may result in the rejection of
the application.  The department may choose to test the candidate's
ability to lift and move 30 lbs.  Failure to demonstrate the required
ability may result in termination of appointment.



Submit the following documents no later than 5:00 PM of the filing
deadline (2/25/04).  Applications received or postmarked after this date
will not be considered.


1.      Completed Department of Human Resources application form, 

2.      Copies of documents verifying possession of the minimum
education and/or experience (see verification section), 

3.      Self-Certification form.


Forms may be obtained on-line at http://www.sfpl.org/news/jobs.htm or
through the Library's Human Resources Division at the address indicated



All non-SFPL Applicants:  All non-SFPL applicants must verify required
experience/education (see Education verification) needed to qualify.
Experience verification must be on the employer's letterhead and must
show the applicant, job title(s), duties performed, dates of service and
must be signed by the employer.


Current SFPL Employees:  

Current employees of the San Francisco Public Library who meet the
minimum qualifications based entirely on their SFPL experience need not
submit verification.  City and County employees will receive credit for
the duties of the class to which appointed.  If the qualifying
experience is a combination of SFPL experience and outside experience
then the outside experience must be verified.  Outside experience
verification must be on the employer's letterhead and must show the
applicant, job title(s), duties performed, dates of service and must be
signed by the employer.



Applicants who are filing under the educational requirement must submit
a copy of the college coursework demonstrating possession of the minimum
educational qualifications.



Verification may be waived if impossible to obtain.  Applicants must
submit a signed statement explaining why verification is impossible to
obtain.  Waivers may be granted on a case-by-case basis.



ATTN:  7416 Book Repairer

Human Resources Office

San Francisco Public Library

100 Larkin Street

San Francisco, CA 94102-4733



San Francisco Public Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Minorities, Women and Persons with Disabilities are Encouraged to Apply


Issued by: SC




San Francisco Public Library

Class 7416 Book Repairer









I, (print name) ________________________________________________ hereby
certify that I have the ability to lift objects weighing up to 30 pounds
as indicated in the special condition of the job announcement.


I understand that I may be required to demonstrate my ability to perform
the above listed requirement and failure to meet this requirement may
result in dismissal/termination from employment.



           Date:  ___________________    Signature:






Marie Kelzer

Preservation Unit Manager

San Francisco Public Library

415.557.4302   fax 415.557.4324

 <mailto:mkelzer@xxxxxxxx> mkelzer@xxxxxxxx


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