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[BKARTS] Photo Albums: Simple technical questions

I'm working on creating photo albums.   Two questions:

1) When placing the fillers--the pieces that will make the book sit flush 
when filled with pictures--should I glue them to the sheets?  Sewing all of those 
tiny pieces seems rather treacherous. I've read in bookbinding books to use 
clamps, but with those tiny pieces.... I just can't see that as practical.   I 
could see using clamps once the fillers are glued to the pages.   To glue or 
not to glue?

2) When scoring (folding) the pages, do you recommend a place, a particular 
width to do so? I've made my fillers 14/16" wide and the folding part of the 
cover is 1" wide.  I'm assuming with the fillers, the pages will fall nicely on 
each other and not get bunched?

Thanks for any pointers!



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