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Re: [BKARTS] photography plus text

An interesting form for photographers is the flag book. It has an accordion
spine and three tiers of "flags," upper and lower attached to one side of the
accordion with the middle flag attached on the opposite, so that when the book
is opened the flags point in different directions, following the action of the

I have used this successfully for a book that includes both photos and
poetry, placing one photo, divided into tiers and pages on the front (display) side
and a poem, divided into stanzas, on the reverse (page) side of the flags. Not
only is this a fun book for high school (and up), it offers opportunities to
"fracture" both image and text. It is well suited for poetry because the
division of the "page" into three flags invites you to think about the structure of
poetry, both in its visual aspect and in its sounds and import. In turning
the pages, the reverse side of the upper and lower flags is shown on the recto
(right hand) page and the reverse side of the middle flags is shown on the ver
so (left hand) page. Some parts of the photo(s) are always seen as well when
the pages are turned. When the book is displayed, on the other hand, none of the
text is available, so this aspect can be considered and manipulated when
combining text and imagery. Additionally, the reverse of the accordion spine can
be used to display a photograph, as can the front and back covers, both inside
and outside.

If this makes no sense, I am sure somewhere on the web is a visual showing
what a flag book looks like. Or you could (ahem) order my book "Unbinding the
Book: The Boundless Concertina," which will show you how to make this and 6
other accordion book projects. Barbara Harman (www.gotopaperworks.com)

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