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[BKARTS] Photo and Poetry

I'd suggest the simple accordion structure with a cover--a simple structure 
to teach,
understand and exhibit. It lends itself to the use of photographs and text 
well, allowing students to consider graphics, composition and appropriate type 
design on facing pages, as well as a   the "flow" 
when the book is considered open.

S T I L L * D A N C I N G
A L I C E * S I M P S O N

> From:    wordsoflight <wordsoflight@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: photography plus text
> Would anyone have suggestions for resources for 
> photography-poetry collaboration.
> Artist book structures for photos, examples of photography artist 
> books, ideas for combining vision and verse?
> Appropriate for high school photography students.
> Thanks,
> Christine Tarantino

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