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[BKARTS] artist book donations


Thanks to everyone who generously offered their ideas for a photo-text artist book. Appreciate it.

Now I have a request that is difficult to make because of the preciousness and respect for all of the bookartists' works.
But here goes, would any of you out there be willing to send me a copy of one of your books to share with young people I teach? Perhaps there's one around that has been soiled or mishandled that isn't quite up to par that you could part with, for educational purposes. They will be used as examples for the kids to handle and look at closely, manipulate wildly, and study your work.

I realized today when I was giving a workshop how limited in exposure these students really are to the world of book arts. MAssachusetts does not have book arts k-12 in their curriculum, although I know one S. Gaylord is doing a great job sharing her talents throughout the land here:) And I'm doing a similar program with more emphasis on writing.
I have exchanged a couple of my works with annie(netherlands) and pat collins(uk), and could do similar with others if interested(the students loved their books today).
Or does anyone have another idea to help?
You can contact me off-list if you want.

Best wishes,
Christine Tarantino
275 Baldwinville Road
Phillipston MA 01331-9733 USA

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